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The Doctor Who Minor Characters Ficathon

"900 years of time and space and I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important.”

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Name:The Doctor Who Minor Characters Ficathon
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Welcome to [community profile] who_guestfest, a ficathon for minor/guest characters from any part of the Doctor Who universe!

2019 Schedule & Info:

* Leaving prompts - From Wed 13 Mar 2019 (until posting begins).
* Sign-ups/prompt-claiming - Sat 16 Mar 2019 (until ficathon closes).
* ficathon opens for posting - Sat 13 Apr 2019
* Ficathon closes - Sat 11 May 2019

There is a collection on AO3 & we hope you will also consider archiving your fic at A Teaspoon and an Open Mind.

This is should (hopefully) be a low-pressure, traditional ficathon! Just assign yourself to a date in the sign up post, write a fic of at least 500 words (no maximum) for a minor/guest character (using a prompt or not) and post the story or a link to it to the comm on your claimed date.

If you want your fic to double up for some other challenge or fest that's fine (provided, of course, it's also allowed by the rules of the other challenge/fest).

Finally, please, play nicely with other folks & no bashing of characters etc..


I collated a guest characters masterlist of fic for Classic Who and realised how many of those had come via prompts and fests like this one, and since the demise of the excellent who_like_giants annual ficathon, nothing similar was available = much less fic for the fascinating one-off and minor characters who crop up all over the Whoniverse. Something had to be done - hence a ficathon!

Besides, in this fandom, who hasn't fallen in love with a one-off character somewhere along the line? This is the chance to share that love with others!

What counts as a minor/guest character?

Someone who is a one-off or semi-recurring character - i.e. not one of the main characters. (So, no Doctors, Companions or regulars from any medium.) This isn't rarity-based, however. (There are some one-off/recurring characters who have more fic than some companions and even Doctors, especially in other media).

All of the Doctor Who universe is included - Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures, Class, audios, novels, webcasts, comics etc. etc. Mostly, though, as long as the central character isn't a Doctor, companion, incarnation of the Master, UNIT regular, or otherwise a main character in the source material, you'll be good. Bonus cookies, though, for anyone writing someone who's never been written for before!

Obviously, this being Doctor Who, which is a big ball of wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey stuff generally, there isn't even really a definitive list of companions that everyone can agree on, and what constitutes a regular as opposed to a semi-regular/recurring character is another grey area. Hopefully everyone here is queuing up here to write more about Emma Grayling, or Count Scarlioni, or that second extra to the left over there, but if you are in any doubt about whether or not your chosen character counts, please just ask the mod.

As to excluded characters - they are only excluded in terms of being the focus of the fic. You can absolutely include anyone you want in supporting roles, part of a ship with your chosen character(s), and you can also write crossovers, if you wish.

Do we have to leave/claim prompts? What if I have an idea already?

You don't need to leave or claim any prompts. Some people work better using prompts, so they're there for inspiration, and also the prompt-leaving allows non-participants to also have a chance to play and influence what gets written.

To claim a prompt, include it when you sign-up. Again, there's no necessity to use one of the prompts provided. Just sign up and write your own idea, that's absolutely fine.


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